DJ Marlboro is the great honoree of the 2020 DJ’s Meeting Rio

DJ Marlboro (on the right) receives trophy from the DJ’s Meeting Rio 2020,
event held by Marcelo Cupim (on the left)

“If funk carioca continues with pornographic lyrics, it’s gonna end.”

DJ Marlboro, 2020


February 2, 2020.

By Bryan Dance Floor

Exactly a week ago, on Sunday, January 26, 2020, the third edition of the DJ’s Meeting Rio took place. The event held by DJ Marcelo Cupim, which, in his own words, emerged as “a crazy idea to unite DJs: experienced and newbies, famous and unknown, stars and future stars in a day of exchanging ideas, harmony and fraternization “, has been confirmed as part of the calendar of Rio de Janeiro DJs. The event’s schedule included lunch, presentation of renowned DJs, lectures and tributes.


This time the big honoree of the day was DJ Marlboro, one of the most famous DJs in Brazil and one of the most famous Brazilian DJs worldwide. Born in 1963, DJ, composer, producer and entrepreneur Fernando Luís Mattos da Matta – real name of Marlboro – is considered to be the creator of the musical style known as “funk carioca”, due to the introduction of the electronic drums that endured in the genre . In recent years, the DJ has made several presentations in Europe and the United States, publicizing the pace that has been gaining worldwide prominence thanks to compilations released by the American producer Diplo.

Bryan Dance Floor, from All Time Dance website, and DJ Marlboro

“In the past, DJs wanted to have artist status. Nowadays, there are artists becoming DJs to try to improve their status.”

DJ Marlboro, 2020

Despite being the creator and one of the most associated names in Brazil and worldwide with this musical style, Marlboro revealed a certain discomfort with the Brazilian funk produced today. “If funk carioca continues with pornographic lyrics, it’s gonna end,” said the DJ during his lecture at the event. “Young people who listen today to pornographic funk, in a few years’ time will not listen anymore, and will not let their children listen.”

Some of the other renowned DJs from the Rio scene who participated in the DJ’s Meeting Rio 2020 were André Werneck, Roger Lyra and Sandra Gal. We look forward to the 2021 edition!

In order: Rafael Pacheco, Otavio Taw, Alexandre Capelli, André Werneck, Marcelo Cupim, Marlboro, Roger Lyra, Dentinho e Alexandre Kahl
DJ Bryan Dance Floor, from All Time Dance, and DJ Ale Rio
Roger Lyra, from AIMEC Rio, and Bryan Dance Floor
The master DJ André Werneck and Bryan Dance Floor




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