“All Time Dance Awards”: vote for the best of dance music of all time!

Election held by All Time Dance site will rank the best dance songs and artists of the last 50 years; The voting is open to the public

By All Time Dance

The flagship of our site is the All Time Dance Awards: a super-poll with audience participation and a specialized technical jury that will elect the best of dance music of all time.

And the fact that this award is being started in the first month of 2020 is no accident. Given that disco music emerged in the early 1970s, then we can consider that with the end of the decade of 2010 and the beginning of the decade of 2020, we are completing 5 decades of dance music (or 50 years, if you prefer).

At the All Time Dance Awards, you can find the widest variety of musical styles that can fit into the genres of dance music and electronic music: disco, house, new wave, synthpop, dance-pop, freestyle, funk melody, R&B, hip hop, electro, techno, trance, drum and bass, dubstep, reggaeton, etc.

In all, there are fourteen (14) categories in the election. And as All Time Dance is a brazilian website, we will also have categories directed to brazilian productions in the ambit of dance music and electronic music.

To check out the categories, rules and more information about the All Time Dance Awards, go to the awards section here on the site. And, of course, vote for your favorite songs and artists to help choose the best of dance music of all time!

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